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Thiess, the AWU and the ALP

Thiess, the AWU and the ALP
   (some thought-provoking facts)
The Hon. Roslyn (Ros) Kelly, AO was forced to resign when she could not 
satisfactorily explain her role in allocating sporting facilities to government 
- held electorates (see the details to this on following web-site):

Lately Kelly is in the headlines again in connection with the abuse of 
government grants and ALP-Minister Albanese (more details to this on following 

What a lot of people do not know is that the Hon. Roslyn (Ros) Joan Kelly, AO is 
a Non-Executive Director with Thiess (see more to this on following web-site):

Now Kelly's friend the former Premier of Queensland Bligh was grilled by the 
Defence Barrister John Rivett further, asking her about her own thought process 
in not declaring a family holiday she'd had in the home of Ross Kelly -  
director in the construction - company Thiess (more to this on following 

Mackenroth & Sciacca, two Labor identities; Thies-led consortium won the $ 
billion Airport link contract  & Anna Bligh's free holiday in Sydney, on:

We still do not know really why Mackenroth resigned as Minister of Police during 
the Goss-government-time. Mackenroth used to be a visitor to the German Club 
Brisbane and there is a photo in which he poses with the Former President Rudi 
Gerhardt. We do not know how much Thiess is involved with the German Club, but a 
lot of Thiess's employees are members of the German Club Brisbane.
The CMC cleared Bligh and Beattie of any wrong-doing in the allegations of 
inappropriate appointments (see more to this on following web-site - with a 
photo of Bligh and Ju-liar,  who has a worried look):
Now there is a talk in the community that the CMC is full of ALP-appointees and 
no one would wonder why Bligh and Beattie were cleared. Furthermore, you will 
not believe it but the CMC is represented in the new childprotection-inquiry:

Recently Bligh moved with Greg Whithers to Sydney, after loosing the election 
and leaving the State of Queensland with a record-debt of over $ A 90 billion 
(see more to this on following web-site);

Now she can spend some more time with her girl-friend Kelly of Thiess and can 
also see her former mentor Jewess Dr. Meredith Burgmann:
and former Queensland Governor Quentin Bryce whose appointment was also 

And Ju-liar is not far away, who is in the hot kitchen, because she had some 
involvement with an AWU -secretary Bruce Wilson who had also dealings with 

It is still unclear how much Bligh was involved in the Heiner-Affair and Shredder-gate,

in which some of the officials, who were responsible for the rape of a girl, were members of the AWU. Perhaps she gets like Kelly a job with Thiess in Sydney.
And when the nut-jobs are getting to hot for Ju-Liar in the public arena, KRudd is crawling out of his existence in a backbencher-closet and is worried about the ALP-opinion-polls. However in the Heiner-Shreddergate-affair he has to answer questions and there are also other matters about him on:

Certainly in Sydney these KGB-feminists can cook up certain things again:

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